Popular Tv station, TV3 has referred to self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Waleas Gbee Nabu; a popular nickname given to him by Yaa Pono during their lyrical beef a year ago.

Ponobiom is known for coining the name ‘Gbee Nabu’ in a diss track to Shatta Wale when they had their ‘beef’.

Image result for TV3 calls Shatta Wale “Gbee Nabu” on their entertainment news


Ponobiom tore Shatta Wale apart in that infamous track by likening his mouth size to that of a dog, hence; ‘GbeeNabu’ a term Shatta Wale and his SM fans have come to hate.

Ponobiom has since then been branded as ‘inventor’ and Shatta Wale’s tormenter.

Watch the video below…


Source : ghpage.com



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