“Kidi will suffer terribly for his ‘Thunder’ song” – Kumchacha curses

The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has rained curses on Kidi for his latest song, “Thunder”.

Speaking at Adom Entertainment Hall, Kumchacha stated that the words in the Thunder song will have negative effects on the artist and curses will be upon him and anyone who patronizes the song.

According to Kumchacha, Kidi may think he used those words in the ‘Thunder’ song for fun but the words will hunt him and affect him sooner than he thinks. He added that the song itself is one of the most useless sings he has ever come across in recent times.

“It will have an effect on him, the curses in the song will work on him. There are things we say just for fun but there are bad spirits who trend on negative utterances to make them work. Every Christian who says negative things will suffer from them”,  Kumchacha warned.

“Thunder” is the latest released from the Lynx entertainment artist, Kidi. Kidi stated in the song that invited Thunder to strike and kill him if he jilts the lover he is with. The song itself is a very nice song but the lyrics are what is scaring people from it.

Kumchacha is not the only person who has spoken against the song. Most people have expressed their dislike for the choice of words in the song.


It is also worthy to note that Kidi is not the only musician Kumchcha has rained curses on in the music industry. He did it with the late Ebony Reigns. He later nearly had a fist fight with Patapaa after he called his song “One Corner” Demonic and rained curses on him.



Source : Ghpage.com



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