Kwesi Arthur reveals how he almost ended up as a security guard

Kwesi Arthur reveals how he almost ended up as a security guard


It’s no doubt that Kwesi Arthur has become a household name now especially after he was nominated at this year’s BET Awards. Kwesi Arthur who was in the studios of OKAY FM together with Manifest who was also there to premiere his new single ‘OKAY’ disclosed how he almost became a security guard.

There have actually been rumours that Kwesi Arthur almost ended up as a security guard, so Abeikua Santana asked him if those rumours were true and he confirmed that it was true and that he almost started the work.

Recounting that story, Kwesi Arthur disclosed that, he applied for a job as a security guard at a company and he was even picked for the job and was supposed to start but he couldn’t start as there was some change of plans the very last minute. He said he would have been paid Ghc150 a month for the job.

According to him, he had issues with a music producer whom, he worked for, so because of that misunderstanding between him and the producer, he couldn’t go back to his studios anymore to work there, and always being home, he was pressured by family to do something, so he decided to apply for the job of a security company.

He added that it was something that happened at the beginning of 2015. He said just when he was about to start the job, the producer who he had the misunderstanding with, called him up and they resolved their issues, so he started working in the studios again.

So if not for the fact that the producer changed his mind, perhaps Kwesi Arthur would probably be a security guard when all hope was lost.

So now you know a part of his story. He hustled a lot before becoming the Kwesi Arthur you know today.


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